Seo Tips 2017

Search Engine Optimization
means optimizing your website's contents to please search engines.
SEO includes also links from high quality web sites to your site to show search engines your site has good reputation.

How to put your website on the famous "first page"
This requires long term work and might take weeks or months to come true.
  • First the most important SEO tip: Get links from other websites. You can write articles on blogs and news sites, ask your friends to put link on their sites, offer free services for known bloggers, remind everyone who mentions you or your products to add link to your site, find shut down companies from your industry and ask people to change non working links on their sites to point your site, and then there are sites like Skoop It ( Make sure that every website you get backlinks from has high quality contents.
  • Create up to date top-notch content on your site. Including text, videos and design. More content the better.
  • YouTube videos. Google loves them.
  • Infographics. They get more likely shared in social media (among videos).
  • Keywords. You need to choose few keywords to use in Google AdWords, headers, meta tags, alt texts and text content. Use one page content related keyword 3 times in text content, 1 time in h1 header, couple times in alt texts, 1 time in title tag, 1 time in keywords meta tag and 1 time in description meta tag on each page. Your sub-pages should include keyword in their address too. Choose keywords that help your site to climb up in search results. Good keyword phrase could be one to five words long and it should tell your page's core idea. Google Keyword Planner is great tool for finding out which keywords give you best results.
  • H1 header has been somewhat important in the past and it doesn't hurt to put it around your each page's main header.
  • Think what questions people ask from search engines and try to answer them with your keywords and text content.
  • Keywords as anchor links and internal links.
  • Ask your customers to write review on Google.
  • Follow your website's statistics. Google Analytics, tools in cPanel and Alexa are few great ways to do it.
  • Update your old text contents. Search engines like to see your old pages are alive too.
  • GTmetrix, WebPagetest and Mobile-Friendly Test. With these you'll see the quality of the technical side of your website.
  • Website structure. Try to make as fast way as possible for spider bots to crawl through all pages of your website. They start from front page. Also keep in mind that search engines have crawl limit on about 200 links per page.
  • Create robots.txt and sitemap.xml files.