Sound Design

Professional sound

Audio services

  • Mixing and mastering music, broadcast and video soundtracks

    You get professional treatment for your audio by real mixing engineer. Every piece of music, podcast and sound effect have unique characteristics and nuances. This is the viewpoint where I look from all new material I get to work on.

  • Background music production

    Music. This wonderful gift from the universe we have. Was it radio, video, podcast or TV commercial. Fitting music on background puts more feel to it.

  • Sound effects

    Goal is to make your presentation more alive. You can google all the sound libraries in the world
    have sound effects no one else have.

  • Audio editing

    That painstaking task when you put all the pieces together and fix all the little missteps. If you are't too fond to all the tiniest details in your work you can let me to help you out.